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Try these word problems, remember, the tips from previous page.

Here they are (in increasing difficulty):

There are three mice in the room. They all like cheese. There are 7 cheese pieces on the floor. If each mouse can only eat 1 piece of cheese, how many pieces of cheese are left after they are done eating?


Five kids got on the empty school bus. After 1 stop, there was only one student left on the school bus. How many kids got off at the last stop?


Seven books were sold at $2 / each. What is the total earned? If each book costs $0.50 to buy, what is the profit?


There are 6 girls in the classroom. There are 3 boys in the classroom. Each of the boys wants to date any one of the girls. How many choices does each of the boys have in selecting a girl?


A plane, a train and an automobile are going to the same place, at the same time. Once the train gets there, it lets out 7 people. One the plane gets there, it lets out 200 people. Once the automobile gets there, it lets out 4 people. If all, except the plane, arrive at the same time, how many people will be at that place before the plane arrives?


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