Math Homework Helper

For those of you that struggle in school to get your MATH homework done, here are some easy and helpful hints that will help to dramatically to improve math grades.

Here they are (in random order):

  • Make sure that the homework assignment is well defined
    (do you know EXACTLY what is being asked of you?)
  • Find a clean, empty and quiet space.
    (Make sure that you don't have other assignments or books interfering with your work)
  • Turn off your MP3s or other sources of music.
    (According to many studies, listening to music, especially with words,
    is really bad for your performance when you are doing homework)
  • Before you start, re-read yesterdays lesson.
    (Often, the actual answers to the homework are right there, just refresh your memory)
  • Start with hard homework questions first.
    (If you can get the hard ones out of the way, the rest is simple and fast)
  • If you are stuck on a problem, don't continue until you get either to the answer or enough work into it to ask about it next day.
    (If you stop, then you will develop this as a habbit and then you will always be stopping for medium-level complexity problems.)
  • Don't be afraid!!
    (All math is about rules, there is no magic here, just go at it !!)

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